Who is h.e.?

Horison Entertainment is an Austin-based artist production company, providing all forms of entertainment production to the artists it services, including label, management and publishing operations. We focus on partnering with local startups, entrepreneurs, and artists with "can-do" attitudes to feed a larger picture. We aim to change the way artists are transforming their local culture, together achieving unthinkably big results. With a primary hand in the music industry developing, producing, and marketing artists and their brands, H.E. has since grown to consult businesses in development, branding, logo design, product development, compliance assistance, graphic design, and marketing.

For HE, it's about class and simplicity. We think outside of the box so you don't have to. In our music marketing, for example, we think smart about the most effective ways to release music without breaking the bank. From smart billboards to personal messaging on a large scale, we handle the speaking so the artists can continue their making.


H.E. was started as a passion project by Skye Strickler in 2016. As he found himself rounding out his music with his own marketing, production, and outreach, he recognized the joy he found in administrative & consulting work. alongside his current emergence, he has immediately turned to help the music industry in Austin as he grows.

Today we work on a principle: work smart, push farther; o matter the venture.